Friday, June 4, 2010


(what a great cover)
by Brandon Mull

     I picked this one up from my book fair about a year ago and it's been sitting on my shelf just waiting for me.  My husband has even tapped it,  saying things like..."why don't you read this one-it looks good."  Even with that sales pitch from a man who hasn't read it, I still didn't take the bait.  Then I read on someone else's blog that the fifth book in the series was out and my mouth hung a little.   So much for being behind the times-I have plenty of excuses but I don't need to share them-you've heard them all before!

     Fablehaven is a mysterious safe haven for magical creatures.  You know here in the 21st Century we tend to shun all things odd-we like butterflies but not fairies.  I'm sure there would be quite an ebay bidding war if ever a fairy were to be found.  So all magical creatures have been moved to a variety of large farms.  Kendra and Seth's grandfather happens to be caretaker of one of the largest and most secretive (off the map) of these sanctuaries.  The siblings end up staying with their grandfather while their parents are  away on a cruise.  Grandpa Sorenson gives Seth and Kendra a  list of rules they are to abide by and it doesn't take but about 10 minutes for Seth to start breaking the rules; as most 11-year-old boys would do.  He goes exploring in the woods-right where his grandfather has asked him not to-and naturally, he meets a witch.  Kendra is more cautious but even she gets lured in by some of Seth's wanderings.  Seth had an excellent sense of humor and it is a joy to watch him test the waters of this new world to explore. 

     I was fully engaged in Seth and Kendra's story and the land Brandon Mull has created and I loved living vicariously through Seth's escapades-except when he looked out the window.  I was cringing then, like a typical mother, thinking "oh, no, you've gone too far this time"-knowing there would be serious consequences.   Now I've got a lot of catching up to do to get to book 5!  If you haven't read this one, give it a try!

4/5 peaceful stars
highly recommended-midlle school
plan on reading the rest of the series, soon.


NatalieSap said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this series. I've read rave reviews from all too many bloggers - and recommendations from my students too! Definitely a summer series for me. Glad you liked it!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This cover is awesome; glad you enjoyed the book. I sounds like it should appeal to the kids this summer.

Jana said...

I am so glad you liked this one! The series just gets stronger with each book!