Friday, October 14, 2022

The Lake

I love being near the water. Specifically lake water although I don't mind the ocean. I grew up in a family, with a dad, who loved boating. We spent many weekends out on the lake, water skiing or just relaxing with a book.  My dad was always the most relaxed  when he was out on the water. He could let all of his financial and newspaper troubles behind on the shore and take flight into a different world on the water.

Growing up in Minnesota we always lived near a lake and sometimes we took off to the Mississippi River and even once to Lake Superior. Our tiny speed boat on such a huge lake was uncomfortable but also exhilarating. The waves and the huge ships made for an exciting day. 

I don't live near the water anymore and I miss it. I take frequent trips back to Minnesota to experience that feeling again. My younger brother is now the boat master and we venture out on Lake Minnetonka every chance we get. The boat is out for the year but the memories of the summer trips get me through the winter months. The last boat ride of the season was just Jason and I and we had fun tooling around the lake until sunset. We spotted one loon before we headed back to the lift. There is something magical about being out there surrounded by water. I used to love water skiing and spent hours learning how to slalom when I lived in Okoboji. I did learn how to paddle two summers ago and while it is a workout it is  also soothing. I can feel the rhythm of the water as I glide gracefully (mostly) through the calmness.  Water is grace and joy to me.