About Me

1.  I set the table with cloth napkins everyday.
2.  I am organic and earthy.
3.  I love to travel but do not like to drive.
4.  I have always taught my children to take a book when they go places.
5.  I can take a nap anywhere yet I can't sleep through the night.
6.  I love reading anywhere.
7.  I am writing a book.
8.  I am not a morning person but I cannot stay up late anymore.
9.  I am a locavore and a flexitarian.
10.  There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done that i want to do in a day!!
11. One glass of wine is perfect, depends on the day.
12.  I love being a mom even though I am not perfect at it.
13.  I want to be a better knitter.
14.  I really miss my Dad.
15.  I love my job!
16.  I love Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher
17.  I love Elmo, Sesame Street and The Muppets.
18.  I like good manners.
19.  I don't like talking on the phone very much.
20. I cannot play any musical instrument, sad fact
21. I campaigned heavily for Barack Obama and I still stand by my choice.
22.  I try to be a kind-hearted person every day.