Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We had an amazing trip to Madison, WI for Memorial weekend. We explored the large Madison farmer's market Saturday morning, which was amazing-so much local food in one place!! I was in some kind of shopper heaven yet I couldn't really make any grand purchases because i didn't have a portable ice box with me. We had a great brunch at an Irish pub with Sean. We shopped on State St. and found a lot of hippie stores. We met up with Sean and Jared for dinner also and had a fantastic Indian meal. And that was all in one day!! We did spend some quiet time in our cozy super 8 motel, which had a heated and open outdoor pool. We spent Sunday in the famous and very campy "WI Dells" and were blown away by the size of the hotels and water parks!! We did play a fun game of miniature golf.
Tristan and I both really loved Madison and will be excited to go back.

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