Monday, February 2, 2009

The Red Shoes by Eleri Glass

This book (published by Simply Read Books) made me want to go shoe shopping in a beautiful downtown boutique!! J and I read this several nights ago for story time and she, of course, wanted to read it again and again! She is, after all a shoe fanatic, a pint-sized shoe diva. When she was two she went for high heels at a Chicago shoe boutique, trying them on, toddling around on 2-inch red heels- not appropriate- like she was trying out for a role on Sex in the City! She is still that way and always wants the fanciest shoes so this gem of a book was right up her aisle. We both thought the words and illustrations were wonderful, especially "the red shoes are happy apples, waiting to be picked." The look on the shoe lady's face is priceless. This book deserves to be tried again and again!

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Belle Wong said...

This looks absolutely delightful. I will have to look out for a copy. I think my little one will enjoy it.