Monday, April 20, 2009

Beginning Reading Conference

Last Friday I was able to go to our local Reading Conference at UNI and it was a great day. I enjoyed talking with other adults about reading, looking at all the vendor stuff, and listening to knowledgeable professionals (some) talk about out craft. The guest author was Herman Parish, dressed neatly in a bow tie, and he had lots of good stories to tell. I remember reading the Amelia Bedelia books myself but have never really pushed them in the library and I'm rethinking this now because they are good word fun. They don't get checked out much so I will have to read one aloud and talk them up. Mr. Parish has added to the 12 books his aunt, Peggy did and a new one is coming out this summer, showing Amelia as a child. I loved Herman's slide show with old clips of his aunt carrying her purse (pocketbook) with her everywhere! I have memories of my grandmother having a death grip on her purse where ever we went.

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Tina's Blog said...

I love Amelia--confusing for my ELL students....Herman may be funny, but I still like his aunt's books better. I feel like his plays on words are harder for the kids to get. I am jealous you got to meet him.