Saturday, June 20, 2009

The List

  1. I've looked at this book, The Patron Saint of butterflies by Cecilia Galante several times at the library.
  2. I finally brought it home to read.
  3. I read it in one blissful day.
  4. Interesting cast of characters including the independent and courageous Honey and when the time is right, Agnes and Benny persevere.
  5. Religion is at the center of the story.
  6. Not just any old religion but a cult led by Emmanuel and Veronica.
  7. The cult began in some small Iowa town where Emmanuel was a professor.
  8. Love the grandmother-Nana Pete (Petunia); she is not part of the cult-thank heavens!!
  9. Winky, another cool character, has a beautiful butterfly garden(something I aspire to have also).
  10. You should read this book just so you can see the battle that rages inside of Agnes and maybe all of us from time to time.

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Tina's Blog said...

I may have to move this up on my TBR pile. :)