Monday, July 20, 2009

Vidalia in Paris by Sasha Watson

The cover and the first paragraph inside the front flap appealed to my sense of adventure, which reads:

"When Vidalia wins a scholarship to study art in Paris for the summer, she can't believe her good fortune. Finally she'll get some time away from her needy mother, and the small town where she feels like an outsider."

I want to go to Paris! When I read the back author flap I found that the author had spent lots of time in Paris so I thought this might be a great way to "travel" there myself if even for a few hours. I liked the story and I liked Vidalia, who seemed independent at first. It was wonderful to read little snippets about cool locations in Paris. I want to go to Shakespeare and Company, the little American book store Vidalia's mother directs her to visit. This is where Vidalia meets her first friend, Julien. Julien is a likable character and I wish more would have happened between him and Vidalia. Unfortunetely, she meets her bad guy character, Marco and well, let's just say her independent nature goes out the window for awhile! In between Vidalia helps out an old friend and deals with her very needy mother. It's wasn't the great adventure I was hoping for but I do appreciate the work Sasha Watson put into her writing. I think she has what it takes and perhaps her next books will have more snap! Does anybody know if there really is a Shakespeare and Co. in Paris? I know there are in NY, but Paris? Has anybody been shopped there?
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