Monday, August 24, 2009

Saving the world thorugh Judy Moody's eyes.

Judy Moody saves the world! by Megan McDonald (2002)

This is one fast-paced book, which makes it very appealing to kids! Judy and her brother, Stink are trying to win a band-aid decorating contest, which Stink ends up winning. At school, Mr. Todd, is teaching Judy's class about saving the earth. When her teacher says "it only takes on person to make a difference", Judy is off and running with this great idea. Here is my favorite quote " One person! If all it took was one person, then she, Judy Moody, could save the world!" Such enthusiasm!!
They learn about all sorts of recycling ideas like composting and Julia Butterfly Hill-my favorite tree-hugger!!! Judy has very similar energy to Junie B. but without all the negative (stupid, etc.) language. Appropriatly, J and I found this wonderful gem at our local second-hand book store. Find a copy and read it with a little person!

How many readers out there know who Julia Butterfly Hill is...or are willing to find out? Post a comment and tell me what spectacular thing she did to make a difference...I'll send you a copy of her amazing book.

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