Monday, September 14, 2009

How's your Reading Bubble?

Just read this wonderful post from Joyce @ Getting kids reading, which I found via Jen Robinson's Booklights PBS site. I love the idea of a reading bubble and know I have one that I carry with me. This post reminded me of a conversation my husband and I had about "what's it like being married to a bookish person, now bookish, blogging person?"
I posed this question to my husband on our recent road trip to St. Paul before I started reading The Luxe to him.
I have always been a reader and live by the motto that you should take a book with you wherever you go... because you never know when traffic might come to a stop, a line might stop moving etc. I read in the car every chance I get and thank my lucky stars that I'm not one of those unfortunate souls(sorry Kaylee) that get car sick while reading. In other words I love my reading bubble and do not like it to be poked.
Of course, when you are married you have to be nice to that other person. You have to listen to their stories and conversation (yes, you love that person and their stories but still!); it bursts your reading bubble frequently. Years ago when my father found out I was getting married he told Greg one of "his jobs would be to drive me places!" My Dad failed to mention that I would be reading every time we got in the car! My husband loves to converse and over time I've learned when I hear this audible's time to put the book mark in and have a two-sided conversation. I don't think I got a straight answer to my posed question but it did open a great conversation and I did read to him, which then caused more great conversation about the book. My answer would be intellectually stimulating, of course!!


Janssen said...

Yeah, my husband does NOT love it when I read in the car. Sad times. . . audio books are a life saver.

Peaceful Reader said...

We've listened to a few audiobooks together as well-it works!