Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Picnic_Basket requests

It's perfectly normal by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley celebrates 15 years in print with an updated version for the 21st Century! It takes me back to my Free to be you and me w/ Marlo Thomas! I love the pictures created by Michael Emberley and the text is very easy-to-read as well as fun. This is the perfect informational text/tool for parents to share with children when that time comes to have "that" important chat. This book could make this "chat" easy!! Shared together, parts of it would be appropriate for even young children. Other parts might be better left to when they are about to experience some of those wonderful changes. Here is a quote from the beginning:
"Sometime between the ages of eight or nine and fifteen or so, kids' bodies
begin to change and grow into adult bodies. [insert cute cartoon picture
of bird and bee] Most kids wonder about and have lots of questions about what
will be happening to them as their bodies change and grow during this
time. It is perfectly normal for kids to be curious about and want to know
about their changing and growing bodies." [p. 9, It's perfectly normal]
Notice the repeated use of change and grow...and every page after demonstrates really succinctly exactly how bodies will...yes, you know it...change and grow. The bird and the bee help us understand little points along the way in a fun cartoon way while other illustrations show realistic people of all types.
Trust me, this is the bookyou will want in your hand before, during and after that "chat"! While it is not appropriate for an elementary library it is very appropriate for high school, middle school and on your shelf at home!
Michael Emberley's site is here-this illustrator does an amazing job with body parts!!:)


Science Teacher Mommy said...

With one that just turned eight, I've been thinking a lot about this. I may have to grab this title. Thanks!

Peaceful Reader said...

This one is perfect for explaining details and it will keep helping you along the way! Nice to hear from you again!