Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Reading

Peaceful girl and I have been reading quite a lot lately and I've been remiss on writing about these books.
Last night we finished Ruby Lu, brave and true by Lenore Look, illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf (2004).  We read this one because our friend, V, said the second one (Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything) was great.  we thought we should read the first one first and it was also great!  Ruby loves doing magic, loves living on 20th Avenue South and thinks everyone should wear reflective tape.  Her neighborhood is the fun kind, where everyone plays together and gets along-that is until Christina moves in.  Christina wears summer clothes not sweaters and makes fun of Ruby and her friends on 20th Ave. South but eventually she comes around.  Ruby is especially adorable when she finds she will need to share her room with her young cousin, Flying Duck, who is soon to emigrate to America.  Flying Duck arrives wearing some reflective tape of her own! Peaceful girl and I are excited to check out Ruby's  next book.  Lenore Look has a popular new series out, Alvin Ho-I think there are two books so far!
Highly Recommended for Elementary Fiction
  5/5 peaceful stars

Recently we finished Henrietta; there's no one better by Martine Murray.  This one was just plain silly and I still don't really get it.  Henrietta likes to make things up and her mind moves fast, lightning fast-so fast it didn't all gel together-for me or little girl.  Read more here.
Recommended for the fun drawings-Elementary Fiction
2/5 peaceful stars

A while ago Peaceful Girl and I finished The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler and loved it.  What girl doesn't dream about waking up and finding out you're a mermaid.  Emily lives on a boat with her mom and everything is smooth until she takes her 7th grade swim class and grows ah yes, a mermaid tail.  Lots of fun discoveries about her family are uncovered and there are two more books rounding out this fantasy series.  Recommended Elementary Fiction -(while she is in 7th grade the audience is more elementary-4th-5th grade) 4/5 peaceful stars

What are you reading with your children??

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