Saturday, February 6, 2010

I miss picture books!!

My little peaceful girl has moved herself away from reading picture books and into early chapter books.  As a parent I'm happy her reading goals have expanded but sad that our nightly reading ritual does not include a pile of picture books!!
We did just finish this great little chapter book, Ava Tree and the Wishes Three by Jeanne Betancourt, illustrated by Angela Dominguez.  Ava lives with her older brother, Jack and a pet rabbit, Tibbar.  As per Annie or Oliver Twist, Ava's parents have died and she is left with just Jack.  Jack is old enough to act as Ava's parent and he loves the alphabet ("Happy B-day, A," Jack said)!  The language in the book made it such an entertaining read-aloud!

In the first section Ava and Jack are preparing for Ava's Backward, Upside-Down, Inside-Out Birthday Party. While cleaning up, Ava makes a wish about her rabbit and it comes true, then she makes a second wish about her best friend,  Priscilla Purhfect. Young readers will love dreaming up their three wishes!  All my little one could think about was what she would wish for...oh, if only she could tap her foot just the same way as Ava!! 
We nabbed this book off our public library shelf and I've now ordered it for my school library as well.  My wish would be for more Ava Tree books, if your listening J.B. and A.D.
Highly Recommend-Elementary Fiction
4/5 peaceful stars

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