Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movies and more

Last night in our continued attempt to watch Oscar nominated movies my husband and I started Nine with Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Dame Judy Dench and many more.  The scenery is beautiful, the women are beautiful but the singing and the plot didn't grab us at all.  We ejected it from the player. 

We replaced it with Julie and Julia and we loved it!!  It helped that we were making cinnamon twists in the kitchen while we were watching. And I'm a little embarressed it took me so long to watch this movie since it has cooking and blogging in it.   Meryl Streep (of course) is spot on as Julia Child, Stanley Tucci is great as her husband, Paul and we really liked Amy Adams role as Julie Powell. The two stories of Julia and Paul's life through their time in Paris as she discoveres cooking wraps around Julie's search for her own higher purpose, taking on this 365 day challenge to cook everything from Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I applaud her courage and while I wouldn't want to cook many of those very meaty recipes, it was an inspiring process!  Lots of scenes stick out in my mind like the wedding conversation between Julia's parents and her and Paul about McCarthy and how Meryl carries the conversation out to the dance floor.  Of course, now I want to read the book.  There are not alot of movies I rewatch but I would this one, especially with my mom.  I grew up with her watching Julia and I know she tried many of the recipes long ago and I think I remember several meltdowns as Julie did, attempting to recreate what Julia did so easily. 

I also watched An Education this afternoon and thougth it was charming as well.  Carey Mulligan is very good as a high school student experiencing an adult relationship. 

I have my ballot ready, right next to my class of champagne!! 

I've already watched a little of the Red Carpet and I was happy to hear Jennifer Lopez discussing the movie Precious and how life-affirming its message is.

Will you be watching??


Janssen said...

I don't think I've EVER watched the Oscars. . .

I listened to My Life in France after I watched this movie - didn't you just FALL IN LOVE with Meryl Streep?

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

We thought Julie and Julia was great, and tomorrow we decided to watch it again...LOL

Jenners said...

I just finished reading "Julie and Julia" -- it was a fun read! Now I want to see the movie! I can't even imagine eating half of the things she describes cooking ... but I do appreciate the excessive use of butter. I also want to read the Julia Child book the movie is partially based on too.