Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent Reads

Having a cold for the last few weeks has really taken away my ability to get things done, indluding blogging and we've been ITBS testing in our building, also throwing off my schedule!

Two weeks ago I got a new order in from Titlewave and I've had a great time reading and enjoying all the new books I ordered. I've also received three books in the mail this week and I still have two reviews to write from Spring Break!! I'm determined to catch up this weekend.
Here are my top five new books:

1. Redwoods by Jason Chin: This book deserves a page all its own but I already checked the book out to a teacher, who also love, love, loved it!  The opening pages of this book show a young boy engaged in reading a book about the Redwood Forest while he's on a train.  We see through the train windows amazing scenery, taking us through the redwoods history (dinosaurs in the background on one page).  He enters the forest as he steps off the train steps.  It's magical, really and every library should have a copy.  It is picture book format but is nonfiction-it doesn't matter where I hide this book, kids will find it!  It will be the catalyst for many great lesson plans as well!  The book sports its own home page as well-which I love and plan to show to students as soon as I can get the book back!  I found Jason Chin's journey of creating this book added to my love of this book.     I hope Jason will create more nonfiction books like this blurring the lines between fact/fiction!  Really-go  find this book.

2.  A Day without Crayons by Elizabeth Rusch; illustrated by Chad Cameron:  Liza is happily coloring away in her room when she runs out of places to color; her coloring books are filled and her blank paper is all full so (naturally) she begins a mural on the big open wall in her room!  Great idea until Mom comes in the room and tells her (aarrgh!)no more crayons for today.  This is crushing news until she discovers colors outside adding a new dimension to her artisitic nature.   Liza is beautifully impish in the drawings created by Cameron. 

3.  Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley: This book reminds me of  a  classic favorite-The monster at the end of this book starring the very lovable Grover.  It begins like this:  "Please read this: I'm warning you.  If you turn the page, you are going to see some terrible thingsThis book is full of them.  Didn't you read the title?"  Once you turn the page...and you know you will, you will find big bright illustrations with 12 very funny things!!  I'm not even going to tell you what any of them are just so you can be fully amused all on your own!  Kids will love this and I plan to introduce it this week!  Marty Kelley's blog. 

4.  Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates by Carolyn Crimi; illustrated by John Manders: Continuing Henry's book adventures from Henry and the Buccanner Bunnies.  I loved the first one and the second is a pretty good follow-up.  Henry gets a threatening note in a bottle and his natural reaction is to get prepared for the impending attack!  Again, it is book-reading and lots of thinking and writing that keep Henry (and the rest of the crew) safe.

5.  Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty (of 3 Silly Chicks fame) and Pascal Lemaitre:  Remember Doctor Ted?  This time Ted wakes up and smells smoke, can't find a firefighter so he becomes one.  This book has some twisted fun humor in it and I love Ted's willingness to help everyone!  The science fair is a hilarious addition-you don't hear much about science fairs anymore.  Peaceful girl and I got a kick out of the Principal Bigham's last name-Big Ham-he's a large boar!  P.Girl's quote upon finishing the book "I just love all Ted's books!"  We're ready for Artist Ted (see last page for explanation).  "No need to thank me" replied Firefighter Ted.

I could probably list more but it's time to play some Scattergories with the teenagers.
What top five books did you read this week?

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NatalieSap said...

I feel like I've seen Redwoods somewhere else before too, but I have yet to pick it up. *requesting it from my library right now* A Day with No Crayons was nice (love the colors) - I paired it with I Aint Gonna Paint No More, which seemed to appeal to the kiddies a little more. My absolute favorite read this week is Hansel and Gretel retold and illustrated by Rachel Isadora - I'm doing Grimm's tales with my fifth graders, and this one is such a wonderful blend of the original story (with the witch getting shoved in the oven and all) and a new African setting with bold colors and collages. I can't wait to share it with them next week!