Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crazy to Calm-Bedtime Reading 101

     Groovy Girl and I had a few picture books to read for story time and she likes to put them in order of how we are going to read them.  No random just-pick-fro- the-pile for her-she puts them in calming order-the most vibrant first and the most soothing last, perfect to then fall asleep.  She's makes me smile!  Two nights ago this was her order:

1. Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace by James Proimos.  It has an exciting cover, bold words and was a lot of fun to read.  Groovy Girl now has her very own Goodreads acct. and she dictated in her review that she loved this one so much she read it aloud to everyone in her family.   True enough, I heard her beg her dad if she could read it to him and he relented...it was on Sunday during a football game and she stood right in front of him and read the whole thing.  Good for her!  It is a very cute book with a good message that kids will relate to.

2. Sugar Plum Ballerinas; Toeshoe Trouble by Whoopi Goldberg.  We enjoyed the first one in this series and like this one even more as we get to know the characters.  Brenda's cousin comes to stay and the cousin, who has money and is a bit snobbish about it, causes Brenda to make a terrible choice.  Lots of uh-oh moments in this one.  This series has a lot to say about friendship. We read two chapters and then moved on to my daughter's third reading choice:

3. Forever Friends by Carin Berger.  Calm, Japanese-style illustration on cover, Groovy Girl said this makes drifting off to sleep so much easier.  The inside pictures are beautiful, all natural, subdued colors, gracious cattails highlighted by one bird and one rabbit playing together.  I love how perfectly she put these in order-she is not organized about all things (her room) but about bedtime book reading she's got her own cool method!

Good Night, Sleep Tight.

Found this great interview
with Whoopi about Sugur Plum Ballerinas; Toe Shoe Trouble.

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