Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break (slow down you move to fast...)

We are having a fantastic time in Little Rock, visiting friends and hanging out.  Groovy Girl and her friend, S, daughter of V, enjoyed the zoo and a few dress-up playdates.  The weather has been chilly and a bit rainy while my mother, back at our homestead, keeps texting me how warm she is sitting on our patio with our dog.  Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer as we wake early to climb Pinnacle Mt. together as a family. 

I'm reading Lisa See's Shanghi Girls while we are here and I hope to finish it so the return trip I can begin another book I brought with me.  We still have many more adventures before we leave and as always it will be difficult to say goodbye.  I did get to eat my favorite catfish tacos today so I'm all good.
Teenage Boy and his girlfriend, Caylee


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

We are thoroughly enjoying our Spring Break as well...no grand plans...just some much needed time at home :)

Sarah said...

Feelin' groovy!