Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Feature; A Book Lover's inventory!

Okay, truth be told, I don't love all inventory but I do love beep, beep, beeping my way through the fiction books.  It is much more than just a book count; it is review of what I have, what's been popular and not-so-popular.  While I'm doing this inventory I've been compiling a summer reading list with a notebook tucked next to my computer. 

As you might imagine it is slow-going but oh, so much fun!  I've been busted several times sitting on my step stool immersed in a book.  Even my trusted assistant, Janice, jokingly said "hey, no reading during inventory!"  I can't help it, going through the fiction section makes me reminisce about the books I've read, popular books with students this year, books I want to recommend to specific teachers and sadly, good books that don't fly off the shelves. 

I found these books irrisistible and had a difficult time setting them back on the shelf to continue with inventory.  I expect to go back to them very soon and may take a couple home tonight.

Treasures unearthed as I've done inventory.  Click on the title for a synopsis.

1. On the Run by Gordon Korman (I was roped in instantly to the Falconers troubles)
2. Silent to the Bone by e.l. Konigsburg (same here with what happened to the baby)
3. Iqbal by Francesco D'Adamo (made me think of The Breadwinner)
4. The Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz (baseball)
5. Stumptown Kid by Carol Gorman (baseball)
6. Over the River by Sharelle Byars Moranville (loved The Snows)
7. Roxie and the Hooligan by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (bullies)
8. Poison Ivy by Amy Goldman Koss (bullies)
Here's a quote I found inside Baby by Patricia MacLachlan:
I wondered what she would do when Lalo went off-island to high school.  Maybe she would wither away among all the books with all the words in them until no one could ever find her again unless they opened a book. (17)
What was I doing on page 17 of Baby, you could ask?  I'm pretty sure I've read it so I flipped through to read a page or two and no kidding, flipped right to that quote!  Perfect for me.  Inventory is a blast!

Have you read any of the above books?  Would you recommend any of them?


Tina's Blog said...

I've only read Silent to the Bone off your list. I liked it, but a teacher who read it really wanted me to pull it off the shelf. She thinks it is inappropriate.

Unknown said...

Anything written by E.L. Konigsburg is glorious by default.