Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation Blues

A vacation is a beautiful thing until you get home.  Dirty laundry times 10, cranky kids and (a few) dead garden plants are what you get when you return.  Oh, and a lot of wonderful photos. 
Surfer Boy

We absolutely loved the OBX and would vacation there again in a heartbeat!

Handsome Husband and Teenage Boy

We stopped in Richmond, VA to visit my stepbrother, Sean, and walk through VCU-one of Teenage Boy's college choices for soccer.  We had lunch at a very earthy place right off campus,  821 Cafe, which served a well-rounded vegan, veggie and meat-menu.

Cousin with Groovy Girl on Roanoke Island boat

What I miss about vacation:  my in-laws, watching the pelicans skim the water, dolphin sightings, watching the sand crabs scurry, walking in the sand, collecting seashells, hot tubbing,  kids giggling as they chased the waves, cooking meals together, touring Roanoke Island and cocktail hour-appetizers included!

Owens' Restaurant Anniversary Celebration (me, Teenage Boy and Writer Girl)

I've been in school meetings since our return but one day soon my laundry will be done, the house will return to normal and summer will flow forward.

I hope everyone has an amazing journey this summer-one that will bring you umpteen piles of laundry equaling the number of smiles!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Yes, coming home and getting back into routine after a vacation can be such a letdown and tiring to boot. Great photos

Lisa said...

I hope that second pic is high enough resolution to print and frame! What a great shot to remember the vacation.

bookmagic said...

Laundry is a small price to pay for such a wonderful vacation :)