Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Day

It's been my birthday (all day) and it has been an interesting day.  Three sweet children, all under the age of 10, made me breakfast.  I had scrambled eggs and biscuits.  I "helped" by taking the biscuits out of the oven and by making the scrambled eggs last night so Groovy Girl and her two cousins could just reheat the eggs. For her, it was extremely important to serve me breakfast in bed and that I could only take the biscuits out of the oven and pop back into bed. We did not have juice so I had Limeade mixed with seltzer-all served on a tray by 3 smiling children.  We all ate the eggs from one plate-4 forks.  It was wonderful.

I met a friend for coffee/tea and all 3 children played The Amazing Labyrinth while they ate their cookies and Orangina drinks.

I thought I should look up some facts about my sun sign and refresh my memory of what it means to be a Leo.  I found some interesting stuff worth sharing.

"There's an unmistakably regal air to Solar Leos. These are dignified—even noble—folk. Leos have a reputation for being conceited, but think again. Leos do feel important, but this generally takes the form of wanting to change the world in some way—to make the world a better place. They are generally motivated by affection for people, and often have big dreams and plans to make people happy."
 From Cafe Astrology website.

Those lines hit it exactly.  It is change that I seek,  for me and for the world.  

My husband sent gifts from afar.  I got a Bonsai tree in the mail and a toaster oven from my children. Some school clothes from my mother-in-law and a pair of one-of-a-kind knitting needles from my friend, V.  My mom gave me a book yesterday and bought me lunch and a big waffle cone of Hansen's ice cream.  30 of my friends wished Birthday greetings on Facebook and a few sent me texts or called.  My older brother sang to my mail box-very sweet. 

I was taken to dinner by old family friends-they've known me almost my entire life and happened to be driving from Colorado through Iowa, heading home to Wisconsin.  They brought me a rice mix from WI.  It was very special for them to think of me in the midst of their busy travel schedule.   
My other favorite August birthday is on Jerry Garcia was on the 1st.  
I hope everyone has had a blissful day!
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Unknown said...

Happy birthday!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good day.

JoAnn said...

Happy Birthday!!

Unknown said...

What a way to spend a birthday :-) Hope you enjoy every second!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

TheBookGirl said...

Sounds like you had a truly lovely birthday filled with the love of family and friends...I love the bonsai tree :)