Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a minute...

After completing all my chores for the day for work and home and the list is long-I feel like Santa with a list curling out for miles-I have just a few minutes to write.  Breathe.

The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier and illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer is a joyful tongue-in-cheek look at princess behavior.  There's Princess Molly Coddle who's a real handful and Princess Claire Voyant who sees far into the future.  Each page is a full spread of information if not about a princess then about a princess's garden, friends, forest (where many a princess has hidden) and a guide to determine true princess behavior.  Groovy Girl and I poured over each illustration and the corresponding notes.  I'm glad I was there to explain a few words and why it made each character funny or interesting.  Eco Princess was one of our favorites:

The court of the Eco Princess is made up of amazing subjects: snakes, zebras, tigers, cheetahs, and panthers.  She is at home in all parts of nature-jungles, savannahs, rainforests...She ties up her beautiful hair with vines from trees.  It is a very elegant look.  Birds nest in her gorgeous hair and whisper secrets to her of princesses of long ago.  She spends her evenings chatting in her tree palace with her closest confidantes and animal protectors.  She will only accept a prince who is not afraid of heights, lightning or beetles.   (48)

After we'd read most of the book Groovy Girl came up with her own,  Princess Miss Alainy; one who does a little of this and a little of that as in miscellaneous.  I thought she was pretty clever.  This book would make a excellent holiday gift for every princess who is extraordinary!
(Princess of the Sands)

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love the names ... Molly Coddle, LOL :-) I bet the author had a blast coming up with those!

Tales of Whimsy said...

What a beautiful book. It sounds wonderful.

And of course you made me smile at your Santa imagery :)

TheBookGirl said...

I know that feeling of being overwhelmed by the never ending "to-do" lists...

The Secret Lives book sounds adorable and funny...glad that you and Groovy Girl were able to enjoy it together.