Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Bible Stories for Children by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

Green Bible Stories for Children
Beautifully Durga Yael Bernahard

This gem was on display the last time I visited our public library.  As a person of Christian beliefs as well as an environmentalist it was an easy decision to snap up the book and tuck it in my canvas, reusable library bag (the one I purchased at the William F. Laman Public Library because I was sure it would be where I was living always).

This book lives up to its name and would be perfect to use for home-school groups, Sunday School classes and church libraries.  There are nine chapter titles varying from "In the Beginning" to "Solar Power".

The first chapter shares how God planned a perfect planet yet things didn't work out as he expected.  People didn't listen and went about their business with out paying attention to the beautiful world around them.  Just like today...

"Noah is the first of several "green" Bible stories that illustrate the book's concern with the environment.  In tale after tale, the Bible gives us a blueprint for how to preserve planet earth.  As you read these stories and discover how you can make your world more eco-friendly, you'll understand how the Bible planted the seeds of environmental concern." (6)

It goes on to share Noah's story in "Variety is the Spice of Life", with very down-to-earth, kid-friendly language, and adds two inquiry challenges for readers to "Become a Biodiversity Detective" in your own back yard and at the zoo.  Each vignette matches a Bible story and is followed by activities to try.  At the end of the book several stand-alone sections cover topics of urban planning, vegetarian diets and blessings for nature.

We just redid the "Friendship Room" which houses our library and I've already recommended this book to be added to the children's section.  This is a welcome addition to many stagnant religious texts for children.  If you have other religious recommendations that fit a more modern outlook let me know.

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