Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday; Top Ten Bookish people I'd like to meet

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish this top ten list are the authors I would love to meet for dinner, coffee or maybe even a glass of wine.  I'd be so nervous to meet them I'd have to have a list of top ten questions to use for talking points! 
1. Barbara Kingsolver;  I would ask about  what inspired The Bean Trees and we could talk a long time about sustainable living.

2. J.K. Rowling;  I would nudge her to talk about  magic and her wonderful HP characters.  I might ask her even about her new adult book.

3.  Anne Lamott; I could listen to her stories for hours-she can make me laugh about parenting like no other!  And then when we are all done laughing we could talk about our faith as well.

4. Judy Blume; Just to give her a hug and tell her thank you for all those stories that helped me go from elementary to middle and beyond.  Thank you. 
5. Louisa May Alcott;  I would love to take a walk in the garden with her, just to listen to her tell stories about her sisters.

6. Henry David Thoreau;  Same here, a walk would suffice and I'm sure he could give me advice on the simple life and civil disobedience.

7.  George Washington Carver;  I think of all his accomplishments but would love to just talk about gardening with him.

8. Kate DiCamillo; I've loved everyone of her stories and have a huge crush on her writing style.  The Tale of Desperaux and Winn-Dixie are two books I could read every year.

9. Mildred D. Taylor; Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry is one of my favorite novels and I would love to have the opportunity to sit and share a meal with Ms. Taylor to talk about Cassie and her family.

10. Alice Hoffman;  Alice Hoffman's writing style fascinates me and I don't think I could keep up but I would love to hear her speak.  

Honorable mentions go to Dr. Seuss and President Barack Obama!  I've heard the president speak but would love to have a one-on-one conversation about some important issues over a cold White House brew.  Michelle could come also.   What bookish person would you love to eat or chat with??


Jamie said...

JUDY BLUME! YES! How could I forget her?!?

Anonymous said...

I almost put Judy Blume on the list, but went with Beverly Cleary, instead. LOVE the Ramona books, and the Henry and Ribsy books...oh, just about everything she's written!

Susan said...

I love your list! Excellent choices!