Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie treats!

My husband and I went to a matinee of the new movie, Lincoln.  We eat pretty healthy most of the time but when my husband goes to the movies he loves to get the BIG bucket of popcorn (not the wimpy size pictured above) and a large cherry coke. I even wait in line to get these snacks and sometimes I've even paid for them!  It makes me feel like a hypocrite.  There have been a few exceptions like when we've just eaten a big meal or one time we were at an art house theatre and the snacks were extremely expensive so we skipped it altogether.

It does not matter that my husband religiously reads Runner's World and that we both choose pretty healthy food outside of our theatre time.  So much so that we are now getting a little backlash from Teenage Boy who has taken to buying a secret loaf of white bread when he puts fuel in his car-so yes, gas station bread (blechhh), because he's tired of our 100% whole grain bread everyday.  If he's going to rebel I'd prefer he do it at home instead of next year when he's off at school but really, WHITE bread.  I shiver just thinking about it.  Better than rebelling with a bottle of Boone's Farm wine I guess.

But I digress which often happens when I talk about food.  Back to the bad for you popcorn and syrupy soda.  We don't even have soda at home except for the occasional Whole Foods soda, Jones soda or a yummy root beer,  but all without high fructose corn syrup.  And I make lots of homemade popcorn both on the stove and in an air popper-all delicious-but at the movies you've got to have the big bucket with a little of the fake butter sloshed on-not too much or it's easily overkill.

When we first started going to the movies together I loved to get a box of Junior Mints to share, the salty and sweet made me happy but now the overly sweetness of the Cherry Pepsi is enough for my taste buds. Our theater switched from Coke to Pepsi a few years ago and we both miss the real Coca-Cola tang but did we stop buying a soda?  Nope, we suck down that Cherry Pepsi still but we cheat on it by wishing it were a Cherry Coke.  Luckily we don't go to the movies very often or we'd have to cut back on this  crazy addiction.  Since we don't I think we are safe to indulge in our movie treats.

It's a little like a holiday.

The  movie, by the way, was excellent. The entire theatre watched in near quiet rapport on the edge of our seats hoping the 13th Amendment would pass as we quietly chomped popcorn and slurped our sodas,  Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field and the rest of the cast were impeccable.  This should be nominated and win in many Oscar categories.  If you haven't already made it out to see it, do, and let me know if you had the big bucket of popcorn with it.

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Deb G-T said...

OK...I'll confess too...day after Thanksgiving, Skyfall and the BIGGEST box of popcorn (at least no butter!) and a large diet pop. Just part of the holiday tradition but I also echo the sentiment that I am grateful we don't go to the movies too often as our at home movie going has lots healthier eating!