Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Joy!

Happy St. Nicholas's Day!

Our advent season is a little wacky this year because Groovy Girl is spending Christmas in Florida with my mother, brother, and his son, her cousin. I wanted to do something special for her because she loves Christmas (duh, she's a ten year old girl) and I know Florida will be fun but she will miss us here.  We need to do plenty of pre-celebrating so she doesn't feel she is missing things here.

Pinterest has a ton of cool advent ideas which spurred me to create one for her based on the fact that a purchased one would be left unfinished before she left and that is just the kind of emotional dilemma she doesn't need as she leaves us all for the glory of Disney World.  

I took 15 recipe cards one night while watching some television and tried out a few fun ideas for her to do.   My husband found red and white envelopes to put each card in, numbered the cards, and taped them up in a tree design.  

So far she has opened:

1. watch the (original) Grinch movie
2. one trip to Claire's
3. read 3 favorite Christmas books with mama
4. Decorate for Christmas with Christmas music playing
5. make paper snow flakes and hang them.

We've done all of them except the Claire's trip.  We are going to do that one right before she leaves on her trip.  Last night we did the snowflake one using a template I had at work.  She folded them up origami style and I cut them out as the tiny grooves were hard for her to maneuver wielding a scissors.  We now have snowflakes hanging around our house.  No snow on the ground here but we are festive inside.

My stepmother has always sent my kids December 6th gifts to celebrate St. Nicholas Day which was a family tradition in her full German family so today Groovy Girl had an actual box to open instead of an envelope. There were plenty of treats nestled inside.  The true celebration involves boots and St. Nick with a long flowing robe as he checks up on children-adding them to his naughty or nice list, I'm sure.  

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.  How are you getting in the mood?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I've scrolled through your recent posts from Thanksgiving to today and can see how the holidays and be both special and fun as well as "trying" for parents which children your age:)

We don't do real decorating for the holidays anymore. Just a simple wreath, candles and a menorah for the most part, although now that the kids have their own homes, they have a tree and other festivities.

Hope your holiday season is special.

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I love that you made an advent calendar of experiences, rather than candy or other gifts. Thank you for sharing!