Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glorious snow day!

Snow was predicted but I didn't believe it until early this morning when my phone buzzzzzed me awake. It was the robotronic woman informing that school was cancelled! Whoop.

I stayed in bed for as long as possible reading my book (I am J by Cris Beam) and playing WWF. Eventually I rose, through a wool shirt and yoga pants and headed downstairs. I whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes thanks to Katie Workman while my son snowblower'd the driveway so my husband could (why?!?)drive to work.

I've read more if I am J, great book, and listened to Groovy Girl read to me (Starry River of the Sky). I've watched some trashy tv with GG-it might shock you to know she does not have high brow tv standards. We watched an episode of "Say Yes to the dress" and an episode of "What not to wear" which was actually quite interesting for both my kids as the two snarky hosts helped a young woman shed her college super casual style to a career look.

We forced ourselves to turn it off and get some work done. I still have to organize how the Christmas decorations are put away and dinner to make and am happy that I've accomplished reading and yoga with kid-friendly fun.

Happy snow day to you-


Lisa said...

We have NEVER had a snow day, or even a late start! I'm getting jealous.

Janssen said...

I love snow days! (Not a lot of them in Austin though, and since I don't work, it wouldn't matter anyway).

Tina said...

That's beautiful. I remember many a morning waking up to snow when I grew up in Pennsylvania.