Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars and Food.

As we get ready to watch the Oscars I wanted to share this interesting animated Short nominee.  We've had a busy weekend with lots of cooking and fun.  Friday night Groovy Girl had a friend sleep over and I cooked a simple pasta dish with red sauce-you just never know what other people's children are going to eat so this was an easy choice.  I took a chance though and whipped up these broccoli bites I found on Maria Rodale's website.  They were a huge hit and it made a full pan so we had enough for two dinners.  Now I'd like to change the veggie and see if still entices them in. 

{Broccoli Cheese Puffs}
 For a sleep over treat we made snow ice cream since we had plenty of  fresh snow Thursday and Friday and been graced with a snow day on Friday.  The girls went out and scooped up two big bowls of fresh powder and we added sweet and condensed milk (half a can), some vanilla, and we stirred in a  little salted caramel sauce for fun.  The flavor was good but it had huge ice chunks that we couldn't stir out.  I think the best part was in the making!

We do watch the Oscars at our house even though the are an example of over-indulgence (not peaceful or green) but my husband loves the movies as he is an actor and a director.  We've watched almost all of the Best Picture nominees including my favorites: Beast of the Southern Wild and Silver Lining Playbook.  I also loved Ben Afleck's Argo. Today we watched Moonrise Kingdom which was quirky and should have been nominated for best cinematography.  Denzel Washington and Jennifer Laurence are my choices for individual awards.  Do you watch the Oscars? What movies are you rooting for?


Laurie C said...

I haven't been keeping up with movies this year at all. Wanted to see Beast of the Southern Wild but never got to it. Will have to catch up with DVDs from the library now. The broccoli bites look good!

Beth F said...

I love watching the Oscars. We don't get to the movies much but we watch often at home. Those broccoli bites look good.

Jet said...

I was not able to finish the Oscars, but it seemed a little tame for my taste and I was not able to see all the nominated movies. I thought Octavia Spencers gown was the hit of the show.

Since I am the only Oscar lover in the house, my menu was simple. Hot cocoa and muffins.

Angela said...

We watched the Oscars. When they were finished, I happened to think that I couldn't remember EVER sitting through a whole Oscar ceremony before. I loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress, and I think she handled her fall with as much dignity as anyone could in the same situation. Love her :)