Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ingrid Law's in town!

Ingrid Law with Peaceful Reader

Not only is she in town talking about Savvy and Scumble but I was lucky enough to have dinner with her and not only was I lucky enough to have dinner with her...I sat right next to her!  She is a lovely human being with funny and insightful stories.  I loved that she is an introvert yet she easily shared stories with us about writing, her life, what it was like to transition from quiet homebody to famous author!

She reads.  She is a single mother with a daughter that is about to graduate from high school.  She wrote Savvy in the evenings while she worked in a government office.  Her father is a vegan.  She lives in Lafayette, Colorado.  She wrote Savvy in about 4 1/2 months, which is amazing!  She wrote a first book that is now sitting in a drawer somewhere but that inspired her publisher to ask for something else because they liked her writing.

So many wonderful facts that you pick up over interesting dinner conversation.  Oh, and she likes cupcakes!

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Belle Wong said...

Lucky you! It sounds like a very fun dinner, and so interesting to learn more about Ingrid Law. I loved Savvy, but I haven't read Scumble yet.