Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three note-worthy picture books for you to enjoy!

We checked these three out recently and I thought they were worth sharing.

The ABC's of Yoga by Teresa Anne Power (2009); Each letter has more than one pose assigned to it so the "D" page has "dolphin" and "do nothing" pose together.  Each direction rhymes and we found most of the poses on our favorite children's yoga site, Namaste Kid.  Sample:


With my feet apart wide,
I am a frog
With a big underside.
Bringing my arms
Inside my knees,
I jump up and say
On the count of three.

Millie and the Big Rescue by Alexander Steffensmeier (2012);  Millie the cow plays hide-and-seek with her barnyard friends until one day she gets herself stuck up a tree.  She's found the best hiding spot of all and nobody can find her!  With cute results all the animals (and the farmer) join Millie in her clever spot. I noticed there are two other Millie books; Millie waits for the mail and Millie and the snow that look equally as funny!

Catty Jane Loved to Dance by Valeri Gorbachev (2013);  This was Groovy Girl's favorite and I love Mr. Gorbachev's work.  Catty Jane loves to dance and has been dancing since she could walk.  Eventually her mother signs her up for dance class at Mrs. Herron's Dance Academy.  Mrs. Herron informs her that it "takes a lot of practice" to become a ballerina.  Her friends host a dance party but she thinks they are silly and don't really know how to dance.  She overhears their fun though and decides dancing together is far more fun.

All three of these books were checked out from my public library and are now overdue.  Luckily next week is Library Week and I can take in cans of food to pay for my many fines!  Love your library.

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Couscous & Consciousness said...

I totally want to find that ABCs of Yoga for Kids book to send to my granddaughter. I practice and teach yoga, and when I went to San Francisco to visit last year she was so excited about doing yoga with me and telling all her friends that her grandma is a yoga teacher. I just know she will love this book.