Sunday, May 4, 2014

Signs of Spring

{new fountain addition}

It's been a glorious weekend.  We had exciting events to attend to and the weather stayed fairly nice all weekend. I have tulips popping up in my front garden that my mother and I planted late fall. I worried that the massive population of squirrels that reside in our front yard had dug up the bulbs but nope, there are 10 tulips plants springing up!  Joy!

This afternoon my husband completed a fountain project that has been two summers in the making.  Do-it-yourself projects often run long here but they always get finished.  Tonight we dined outside and the fountain bubbled happily behind us.  I love the sound of flowing water; it breaks up static energy or maybe provides good feng shui for my environment.  We spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring and summer and I know this fountain will be a draw.  We have a popular bird feeder that sits near the fountain and I think the birds will enjoy the fountain as much as we will.  Our kitchen table sits facing a window that looks out on the back yard and the pond will be in our view. We need a few more rocks around the edge of the pond and Groovy Girl says we need more fairies.  Naturally.


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Tina said...

Yea for dining outside! We love having meals outdoors. Love your pond. We have talked about putting one in and it would be great for attracting birds. Peaceful too.

Thanks for your nice comments on my foodie blog, I appreciate it.