Friday, July 4, 2014

Montana holiday

{Beautiful bison}
Our trip was amazing.  We loved the trip out as we crossed through Sioux Falls, SD (ate at Minerva's) all the way to Bozeman, MT and headed even further to Big Sky.  We stayed at the wonderfully rustic 320 Guest Ranch right outside Big Sky.  The large cabin was set up into the woods and we hiked down the small hill to the dining hall for a breakfast buffet and over to the fire pit to roast marshmallows at night.  We took several hikes, went on a 2-hour trail ride on horseback, and played a lot of frisbee with the cousins.  I am so excited to be home and I'm shocked that I stayed so busy on our trip that I didn't post once.  I always think there will be tons of time to laze around to read and write-not the case though so I have to make up for it with a few key photos.

{Horseback sitting at 320 Guest Ranch}
{Yellowstone Lake}

{Teenage moose}

I will share more of our adventure in the days to come as well as a few book reviews of what I finished as we drove.  

For now happy 4th of July!  I am happy for our freedom-hard fought as it was and is every day still in many different ways.  I wish freedom could come to all people whether it be out of bondage, out of economical trials, or educational access.  We have many battles still to fight.

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