Friday, March 13, 2015

God I love green things...

Green is in right now. Green eating, green energy, green juicing, green washing (not good), and lime green is literally everywhere.

Last night I was creating goodness in my kitchen and it was all green. I sautéed Brussels sprouts with coconut oil and I had a tubular pasta tossed with homemade pesto from last year's garden. I love it when dinner prep comes together and kids are happy with the meal. They oohed and aaah'ed. It was great. 

Now those limes you see on my cutting board....those were for my Dark and Stormy, which I had while I was throwing together dinner.  My own March Madness!

March is a perfect month for getting into the green! Shamrock shakes are green but think of real + good for you foods that you can bring to the table this month.

Happy Spring!


Deb G-T said...

My newest green that we just got in to the store is Chinese Broccoli. I rough chopped the bunch in 1-2 inch pieces, put with just enough water in bottom of a skillet so chopped stems were covered and a nice steamy boil got going. Cooked until stems were just tender and leaves were wilted. Drained off any water that was left. Tossed with a mix of oyster sauce and sesame oil and topped with crispy browned chopped garlic. Sooo good! I love greens. We have sautéed collard greens almost everyday in our hot bar that I love. I can't believe I never tasted these until I was 62! What I'm curious about now is the Darky and Stormy!

Deb G-T said...

Whoops...Dark and Stormy!