Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's August! My month to rule like a queen.

My birthday is tomorrow (two days ago now)!  While birthdays don't hold the same excitement as I've aged-it's still fun to have your own big day

Reflecting back on other birthdays that were full of flair I remember one party that involved our big blue boat, about 9 friends, and our small town yacht club (it did have a swimming pool).  We boated and swam and ate cake.  It remember the joy and the excitement of turning another year older.

I remember another birthday where I felt full of frustration.  The day had been a boring one; no breakfast in bed, friends, or party plans and THEN my mom made me go take a nap.  What!?  Crazy.  I wasn't a baby or even a toddler anymore.  I wish she'd have thought of some other method of distraction but no, off to my room I was sent.  After a couple of hours I was summoned back down where a surprise party had been arranged.  It was fun and I knew that was why I had been sent to bed so party preparations could be made; it was just so unfair to take a nap on what, for kids, is right next to Christmas in celebrations.

Now I'd pay money to have a good nap on my birthday, to be sent to my room for quiet time.  And luckily on my day I did get about 2 hours to just read in the sunshine on my patio.  I also had breakfast in bed, an hour of fun at our local pool, and a lovely dinner out with teenage boy/college son/making his own way young man, Groovy Girl, and handsome husband. After dinner older brother took Groovy Girl home so we could walk down the street for a cocktail with friends.  It was a beautiful day and I didn't mind turning another year older because I think this year could be the best year ever.  Really.  Lots to look forward to and many things to accomplish.  All I have to do is do it.  So cheers to a new year to check things off my list.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Happy belated birthday, may this be a wonderful year for you.