Monday, November 30, 2015

I did it! I set a goal and persevered...

I managed to stick with it and finish the story I started for National Novel Writing Month-November.  From afar I've watched other writers tweet and post about this amazing challenge and I was curious.  I don't know what spurred me on this particular month but I went for it.

And I finished with more than 50,000 words.  I think my story has something to say to teens and young adults, it's a little bit thrilling, and filled with a cast of cool characters.  I am going to spend December combing back through it, revising it, and trying to add to it.  I would love to find the right path to publication.

This month has been a month of firsts and I'm so glad I can add #nanowrimo15 to my list of accomplishments.  Groovy Girl danced along side professionals from the MN Ballet; this was super thrilling to her, my husband and I took a mini-vacation together (these are pretty infrequent), and I got together with two college friends that I hadn't seen for many years and I missed them in my life so much-nice to write 50,000+ words in a month and have a wonderful gathering with old friends.

{Me, Betsy, Angela @Dixie's on Grand Ave.}

The other major first is that we've been preparing Groovy Girl for a long-distance adventure. Passports, bags, summer clothes, bug spray, and books have all been purchased so she can head to Nicaragua on a mission trip through Rotary and our church.  Groovy Girl and I have contributed to the shoe box project which helps kids transition to school, and now she will have the opportunity to help in person.  She leaves early Wednesday morning and will be gone for a week.  Bon voyage. We know she will come back a changed young woman.

I'm saying farewell to November with a huge smile on my face. I'm welcoming in December knowing I will be able to relax a little more, and face new adventures as well.  Hopefully I can get back to writing here on a more regular basis. We ate some delicious food on Thanksgiving and it wasn't turkey-I want to share those recipes with you soon.  Until then-be peaceful...

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