Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekly Recipes 11; Brunch!

We love brunch; making it, eating it, sharing with friends.  I made a lovely meal on Sunday for all five of us plus a friend.

{bloody mary ingredients rounded up; somehow the
pickles refused to be in the shot}
Again we started with Bloody Mary's (homemade is the way to go).  The over 21 crew each had one while I was finished cooking.  We chatted with Heather who came bearing gifts of champagne and orange juice.  Second favorite brunch drink! What a great day.

For eats I made homemade crepes and since elder daughter and I couldn't decide on either savory or sweet we went all out with both; just in less quantity.

I used two great recipes for both; savory chicken (this filling was wonderful) from Food Network and sweet from Natasha's Kitchen. I made a double batch of crepes from Natasha's recipe, leaving out the sugar. They are so easy to make no one should have to purchase them unless you're cooking for a huge crew or are seriously pressed for time.  Just swirl, flip, and save between sheets of parchment. I made them the night before and stored them in the refrigerator.  I followed the sweet recipe for the greek yogurt/cream cheese but created my own fruit sauce using frozen wild blueberries, the favorite fruit of the kids here.  

My son pointed out as we were menu planning for this brunch that I haven't made crepes for a while. Now that I've done it again I promise to put it in my regular meal rotation.  

We played several rounds of Beyond Balderdash after the plates were cleared.  A good game is as important as the food/drink served!  

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