Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beautiful Days...

Focus on the positive

Remember in March when I posted about the amazing meditation retreat I went to in Minneapolis.  Yes.  Read about it here if you missed it.  Sadly I didn't follow through.  Oh I've meditated sitting in my chair or walking around the library waiting for a class and that is all good. My goal though is to make meditation a daily practice; one where I literally getting down on the mat, bolster, pillow, floor, blanket, whatever and make it a ritual.

I'm not good with follow through sometimes.  The only ritual I maintained as my kids were growing up was reading to them at bedtime. That I did without fail.  I began other rituals like prayers, blessings, and poems at dinner time.  That didn't last.  We do have meals together-that is a good simple ritual we've maintained. So reading and meals are my two rituals. Makes complete sense as books and food are priorities for me.

I got up on Saturday and did it, just rolled up my favorite blanket, lit a peace candle, and plopped myself down facing the wall.  
I focused on all manner of positive words, thoughts, and phrases. My eyes closed I just let the thoughts flow freely. I thought about my family, peace, love, harmony, gratitude, forgiveness, my dog, the earth, ice cream, sushi.  It was far from perfect but it was a good start. The peaceful feeling stayed with me all day long. I loved it.  It's the honeymoon phase. The important and hard part is to keep it going.

Join me in my 21-day challenge if you'd like to make meditation or any good ritual as part of your daily routine.  What change would you like to make?


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