Saturday, October 1, 2016

Farmers Market Bounty

I spent two hours this morning standing at an information booth for our soon-to-be co-operative grocery store. Before I settled in to that job though I took a stroll through our lively and beautiful market.

I now have turnips, swiss chard, small potatoes, four bulbs of garlic, 2 butternut squash, and about an hour spent trolling the internet for recipes ideas.  Here's what I came up with:

1. Huff Post article about butternut squash with an easy peel method!

{Naturally Ella}
2. Naturally Ella-butternut squash soup

3. Cookie + Kate-butternut tabbouleh

{NYT Cooking}

4. New York Times Cooking-swiss chard and potatoes au gratin (with gruyere cheese-ohh yes!) I love my NYT teacher subscription.

{well-plated by erin}
5. Well-plated by Erin-Slow cooker butternut squash pulled pork tacos-I'd change out the pulled pork to something else we would eat.

6. A classic family recipe from a Moosewood cookbook-black bean and sweet potato burritos that could be made with butternut squash instead. Just remembered how good they are!

Now that I've made myself really hungry I'm off to eat dinner at a friend's. My recipe pull was heavy on squash but the swiss chard one is a keeper that I'm making tomorrow night for Sunday dinner. I don't want the swiss chard to go all limp on me and the squash saves for a good long time.

Groovy Girl is turning into a kitchen staple. Last night, bored with my idea of leftovers, she took to a recipe site that takes your ingredient list and spits possible recipe choices back out. She found this recipe for chicken broccoli pasta and she made it all herself.  I avoided the chicken and thought the flavor of the recipe amazing.  Lemon-love lemons. Try Zakk's Lemon Broccoli Pasta.

Enjoy!  This post is linked last minute to Beth Fish Reads Weekend Cooking post.


Claudia said...

You've got some dinner winners there. I'm thinking about those turnips. Just bought a bunch of daikon, which looks just like them, with the idea of pickling.

Beth F said...

I've pinned a few of those recipes you linked to. Thanks! And your daughter may come and cook for me anytime! The squash are definitely at the farmers market these days.

Tina said...

I love the farmers market & looks like you got some goodies. I think I will also pin some of your recipes. I'm very interested in the Moosewood burritos.
Your daughter is lovely, love this photo!

Nan said...

Those potatoes look great! I love my co-op store. I actually don't go to the farmers' markets anymore because all the local growers' produce is available at the co-op.

Sue Jackson said...

Yum! So many tasty-sounding recipes! I love butternut squash soup. I actually love all winter son's definitely DON'T love them, but now they are both away at college. I just got several squashes from our local farm CSA, so these recipes are just in time - thanks!


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