Thursday, February 8, 2018

Happy February!

We are in the middle of some crazy weather here in Iowa.  School is already canceled for tomorrow. I'm excited to sleep in a little bit extra but tomorrow night we have to road trip to Des Moines so fingers crossed the weather will be calm. NO major blizzards. 

Luckily with all this freezing weather I have an excellent book to read; The Nix by Nathan Hill. It's our book club pick of the month and I'm the host for February. I'm fascinated by Faye, Samuel's mother, as she's portrayed as a hippie/radical who questions the politics and policies in the 60's and still. There is also a small Iowa connection.

Other than reading we've been putting together puzzles at our lovely Grandma Bruch heirloom table. My husband's brother and his wife came for a long weekend recently and we put together a cool puzzle of record albums from Uncommon Goods. This inspired us and Groovy Teen said we should always have a puzzle going at this table. We never eat there anymore so it is now deemed the puzzle room. Now we have a puzzle of old baseball cards in the works.

While our family was here I made a recipe I'd made years ago, a sweet potato chili, which we had with loaves of fresh bread. I do love cooking for people and chili hit the spot for how cold it was that weekend.  I've also been binge watching Stranger Things; it's a little creepy for me at times but Groovy Teen (who's watched it all several times) holds my hand at critical moments. I'm also finally caught up on This is Us; always a cry fest for me!  The fire was just too much. We've also had a great time playing Spot it! and Listography. We lead crazy fun lives.

Stay warm out there, wherever you are.

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