Saturday, December 15, 2018

My children continue to grow up...

Our 23-yr-old son is about to graduate from college this weekend. He's finishing up his last finals and preparing for a new job. It seems like yesterday that I loaded him into his car seat for fishing at the lake or hikes in the mountains. Life goes fast and you really must pay attention every day.

We have family flying and driving in for the event on Saturday and I feel a little crazy with preparations. I have to slow down and remember this is one of life's big moments yet it won't be ruined because I don't have the right cloth napkin at the event.  It doesn't help that I have such crazy standards when I host; I'm against throw away or one-use items and always need to plan in advance to make sure this doesn't happen. For his high school graduation I purchased all compostable items but this time luckily I had a good friend step up who does catering out of her bakery and she will bring real plates, forks, napkins, and glasses so we won't fill up the garbage bins in the hotel lobby just for our event.

We are having simple food; a large green salad, fruit, vegan pizza from the Mellow Mushroom in Coralville.  My friend is also making a few platters of sushi for all of us to enjoy. Favorite foods, friends and family all happy to be together for this magical life moment. I know I'm going to cry a few times over the weekend because my little boy has grown up in leaps and bounds to become the caring man he is today. I'm grateful for the journey we've had together; not always easy yet soul-searching learning experiences for both.

I missed posting this the other day and now the major event has happened and all went off very smoothly.