Sunday, February 23, 2020

Black History Month Lesson

I love this animated short that won an Oscar this year. We've shown in to 3rd-6th grade students and it's created an atmosphere for good discussion about hair, cancer, and families. I worked hard to create an interesting history project for 5th and 6th grade students.  It's a Google Slideshow if you are interesting in checking it out or using it.

My students have been very engaged in research and creating their slideshows. I love their excited conversations as they find out facts. One group announced that John Lewis' birthday was on February 20th and he was turning 80. They've discovered a few Iowans like Anna Mae Weems and were excited to know she is from Waterloo and that she is still alive! Lonnie G. Johnson invented the Super Soaker. Wow!  I look forward to seeing their projects and knowing each of them learning a little something new which is what we all need to broaden our horizons.

I recently finished Maybe he just likes you by Barbara Dee which chronicles Mila as she navigates 7th grade with a group of unique friends and a group of harassing young men.  These boys play a game centered around touching or talking about Mila's body and she has a hard time fending them off. One of her friends keeps telling her she is taking it too seriously because maybe they like her or they are just joking. The boys continue the game even after Mila has asked them to stop. This is a wonderful book for middle or high school students to read although I personally didn't think the boys were truly understand how their behavior was wrong. It certainly will create good conversations for students. Last weekend I read The War that saved my life which was a huge hit two years ago in the library but has been gathering dust this year.  I took it home, read it and loved it so of course book talked the heck out of it with 5th-6th grade students and now it's circulating again as is the sequel The War I finally won.

I'm still working on Mary Pipher's book Women Rowing North.  Aging is tough and this book is an excellent navigational resource. I want to highlight the heck out of this book except that it isn't mine.

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