Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What to eat during a pandemic?

I've made a lot of food during our stay-at-home "vacation" because we don't eat out much. BP (before pandemic) I generally only cooked a few meals throughout the week to sustain us. Breakfast was usually quick and out the door and lunch were pretty much pb & j or leftovers at work or school for each of us. And most nights we didn't eat together because of rehearsals and dance. Now I feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen cooking or cleaning it back up. I've made some good food though and we've enjoyed it together.  I follow Jaime Oliver on IG and have several of his cookbooks. I love his videos and his recipes but, I'll admit, it's also about the accent! We've made this bread recipe twice now and it is truly amazing. So easy, delicious and really just takes an afternoon.  Check out Jaime's post to find many other wonderful recipes.

On Monday our senior walked across the stage in a staged version of what will come later; a video of everyone spliced together with speeches and everything. I'm very glad her high school chose to honor the students by hosting this as it took a lot of time and effort from staff.  It was surreal to walk with everyone masked up through the school keeping a good distance between families, as we traveled down the hall together  for the last time. We returned home after our "5 minute" ceremony to have cake and a little bubbly.  I made a buttermilk chocolate cake recipe that was so moist and flavorful. My husband who is not a lover of sweets or chocolate ate two pieces!  

{Buns in the Oven}
What are you cooking up?

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