Sunday, January 25, 2009

Diversity Rocks!!

Not that I need more to do but I really liked the idea of Diversity rocks! challenge and it is something I am already working at my school with a 5th grade book club. I joining the challenge as a freethinker so I can "do my own thang", which is just an easy way for me to not feel the strains of a number looming over my head. Our book club right now is reading Joseph Bruchac's The heart of a chief. I will have to seek out some YA and adult books by diverse authors as well to complete this challenge. I have to finish Three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson (for my adult book club) and The friday night knitting club first but then I will be seeking new literature to read. What a joy!!! Are you up for it, V??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Story Time

On the eve of this historic inauguration (which in our household we are so, so excited about) J randomly chose from the library on Saturday and from our library bag for tonight's read-aloud The Librarian of Basra; A true story from Iraq by Jeanette Winter. I had read it before when it first came out but reading it tonight it had so much more significance as J reacted to the illustrations of war and made comments like "she must love books more than anything!!" With the inauguration on my mind it clicked with this book in a new way. I am so happy we will have a new President, one who looks at things from a much wider perspective than we have had before.
For me, we have crossed into the promised land with the Obama family moving into the White House. Iraq is no longer on the front page much but as a peaceful family we talk about it frequently and it is important children see life in Iraq included libraries, books, restaurants, and family life just like we have here. No, life there is not like it is here but the Iraqi people had their own lives, important to them. Hopefully, we have a new era of respecting other's lives here, there and everywhere with President Barack Obama!!! I really wish I had the money to fly there in person as he gets sworn in-it would be Amazing to be there-but I will be happy here celebrating with my family.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator/Alison Jay

I received this great board book from Barefoot Books via The Picnic Basket and I can already tell it is going to be a popular check-out. I read it to a preschool and kindergarten class today and they loved it. It is such an interesting example of the seasons turning with melodic language and fun sounds for young ones to make with you while you read. Both classes got the whole change of season theme, which was very impressive!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So B. It by Sarah Weeks

A teacher friend has been begging me to read So B. It by Sarah Weeks. I finally brought it home from my school library and started reading the first few pages and I was hooked. I proceeded to read it in two sittings. It reminded me of In search of mockingbird as they both have to do with a young girl's search for clues about their mothers. Heidi, the main young character in So B. It, is being raised by her Mother, and the next-door neighbor, Bernadette, who suffers from agoraphobia. Heidi's mother is mentally challenged and has a hard time making it through her day without help. Heidi loves her mom and really wants more information like does she have grandparents? She gets some clues when she discovers an old camera with film still intact in the back of a kitchen drawer. After the photos are developed Heidi sets off for an institute shown in the photos. The bus trip taking her from Reno, NV to the east coast is a fantastic journey with interesting characters very typical of a greyhound bus ride. Heidi does discover more about her mother's past and meets two long lost relatives as well. This book is beautifully written and reminded me of the valuable thread that bind mothers and daughters together.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I have so many hopes and dreams for this year...
no resolutions, just mental lists and when I think about it most
of my lists involve books or reading and how I never get enough time to read.