Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

The book blogging club at my school are reading this wonderfully brutal book by Deborah Ellis and they love it! The book has so many things my students don't understand and they just read it and go "read it, it was good." That's it!! How can I get them to explore more, go deeper? I want them to have a greater aha moment with the book but maybe it is okay that they just like it. On their blog I have requested they find out more information yet they continue with one sentence comments, i.e. "why did they take him away when he didn't do anything?" The writer is refering to the father being dragged off to prison by Taliban soldiers. It's not a "bad" question, it is just not a deep question. This group has now read The Devil's Arithmetic as well as this book and I am just waiting for this big amazing moment of comprehension and it may never come. Maybe it is just hidden inside them and it will appear next year when they go off to sixth grade.

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