Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tom Perrotta's The Abstinence Teacher

I love checking out author pages and as I am really enjoying Tom Perrotta's new(ish) book, The Abstinence Teacher, I thought I would check out his site where I found this gem of a timeline. I can relate to much on this as he was born just a year before me and it is interesting to read of the stuggles he had getting published and all the odd jobs made me laugh.

I always enjoy books with a timely topic and this one is a perfect mix of Christian Coalition/Liberalism butting heads over sex!!! Fiesty!!
I just finished Maxinne Swann's Flower Children, which I felt was bland and not character-driven. This book is a good one to follow it with because already I know and like Ruth Ramsey, the main character and sex education teacher and I am not even a third into the book.
oh, time to go walk the new puppy!!

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