Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night I planned on posting something (didn't have a plan for what as I am still reading Once a witch) but I got so wrapped up in reading down my list of other bloggers-I never made it back to post. I was too sleepy to write but not too sleepy to keep reading all the other great posts out there.
I loved seeing the pictures of Jannsen's new Boston apartment as she gets ready for her next adventure-you can check out the pictures over at her blog, Everyday Reading.
I scrolled way down to an Aug. 14th post at Reading Rumpus and found some fabulous back-to-school lists of picture book choices!! I made notes 'cuz there were quite a few I don't have in my school library and I think they would be worth purchasing. Even though we are officially past the first days of school most teachers are always looking for great read-alouds. Go check out the lists at Reading Rumpus!
Kaye at Pudgy Penguin Perusals had a whole slew of historical books I'll be searching out to add to my tbr bookshelves. I found The Confidential life of Eugenia Cooper by Kathleen Y'Barbe, A hint of wicked by Jennifer Haymore- then I clicked over to Jennifer's blog and website and spent a fair amount of time reading her posts. The front cover of A hint of wicked is so well, wicked...check it out on Jennifer's website and I loved how she had a nice long excerpt of the book there for me to read. I'm not a fan of romance novels but I love historical fiction and this one read very well!! Glad I could sample a little.
Seriously, one thing leads to another great thing out here on the web and my Friday night was gone but well-spent, "visiting friends".

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Janssen said...

You're so nice! Thank you!

And I totally feel the same way sometimes; how can I possibly POST when there is so much to read online?!