Friday, November 13, 2009

End of the day

Sunsets are beautiful to watch.  I watched one tonight with peaceful girl and we enjoyed the colors blending together.  It was the in-between to a pleasantly busy day.  The rest of the evening I ushered at a play at UNI-Marat/Sade...truly odd play with amazingly beautiful costumes.  To end my evening I made brownies awhile I'm catching up on Tivo'd Monk.  Still the sunset was my favorite part although the smell of brownies permeating the house is pretty wonderful.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at Barnes and Noble about reading!!
So what was the best part of your day?


Unknown said...

Best part? Little peep coming in while I was working ( way early in the morning) saying, " We need a mama in the big bed." Yep. I think that was my favorite part. Although the four shot Starbucks latte before dinner was a close second! =)

Peaceful Reader said...

I love that comment-"we need a mama in the big bed!" -award-winning!!