Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picture Books

Peaceful girl and I read a fantastic picture book last night at bedtime. 
Homegrown house by Janet S. Wong and illustrated by E.B. Lewis is a story about transition and finding your comfort right where you are.  The young  narrator tells us how she's moved from house to house as her family experienced change through new jobs.  Now she lives some place within walking distance from her Grandmom and she likes where she is, even though it's not a dream home.  Her Grandmom says:
" it takes time to settle into a house, to learn to love it right, to make it feel homegrown."

Mom gets a raise so they house hunt for a better house but our young narrator works hard to convince her parents the house they live in now is their perfect house!!  She wants to be close to Grandmom and all that her house has to offer-she wants consistency in her life!

I moved many times growing up as we followed the journalistic dreams of my Dad.  Moving can be exciting but at some point you get tired of leaving your friends behind, finding new favorite spots.  This book exemplifies that struggle very much for this young girl.  E.B. Lewis' illustrations are very natural and draw you more into the story.  Recommended-5/5 peaceful stars

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