Friday, March 12, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays

Tif talks books, for a few weeks now, has a new meme going, Fairy Tale Fridays and I've been a reader and  a commenter even but not a participant.  This week I'm inspired though for two reasons. 
1. I've started a major fairy tale unit with second grade students 2. I have a new version of Stone Soup I've wanted to explore. 

The Real Story of Stone Soup

First things I look at:  beautiful cover  and very interesting author/illustrator names.

Second:  Inside artwork and a fair amount of text.

Third: I read the story, savoring the wonderful way the pictures not only compliment the story but tell their own story as well.  You won't get the full, "real" story unless you investigate the fabulous illustrations. 

It begins:  "It all began when I hired those troublesome Chang brothers to help me on my fishing boat.  Nice boys, but lazy and, I'm sorry to say, somewhat stupid."  (okay, the word stupid used in reference to a person is a huge no-no in our house so red flag but luckily, by the end of the story, we know the Chang brothers are the opposite of stupid so it works for me.)

Uncle sleeps in the boat while the Chang brothers do the fishing and right about lunch time Uncle shakes himself awake.  They land on an island and without a soup pot proceed to make soup using rocks, unless you watch the pictures closely.  The pictures reveal the true method and shows their boss as the bumbling, complaining and lazy person he is.
(where you can listen to a young girl read the story as well!)
(where I found several other book titles to add to my wish list)

Now that I've explored it, and enjoyed it I have to wonder why there isn't an award sticker of any kind on the front of this is that good!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great re-telling of the story. I love picture books where the pictures really do matter, when you can't understand the story without the pictures.

Tif Sweeney said...

I have got to check this one out! I had red flags too when you mentioned stupid, but it's good to know that it makes up for it by the end. I used to change the words in cases like this, but now that I have a reader, I won't be able to get away with that!!

I would love to hear more about your fairy tale unit by the way!!