Friday, June 18, 2010

Fablehaven Part Two

(great cover...)
Rise of the Evening Star
Brandon Mull

Jana from Milk and Cookies; Comfort Reading made a comment on my review of Fablehaven #1 that this  "series just keeps getting stronger with each book"-and with this second one I agree.  It built nicely on top of the solid groundwork Mull created in the first.  While I was reading I kept thinking oh, I'll have to include that part in my review-you know like the part where:

  • Kendra sees new student, Casey for what he really is-a disgusting, decidedly not human creature. 
  • Or how her brother, Seth breaks into a mortuary in the middle of the night to steal a treasure with nothing more than a dog biscuit for help.
  • How that same treasure ends up eating something very, very important (can't say-don't want to ruin it). 
  • And then getting whisked away to Fablehaven by the super sleek Vanessa Santoro in her light-speed, ultra-chic vehicle.
  • Oh, they meet Warren, Dale's brother, scared by something so bone-chillingly awful that he's nearly catatonic.
  • You'll want to know how Coulton Dixon and  Tanugatoa Dufu save the...well, I really don't want to give too much away.
  • Oh, Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson are locked away and to save them, Kendra and Seth change into...(shh, I can't say it).

You're going to have to read this series and find out how all these events connect to each other...

Suffice it to say this book is filled with a suspenseful, page-turning plot with an intriguing cast of multi-dimensional characters (you never know who's the traitor...).  Whoops, I've said too much! Kendra's new magical abilities and Seth's antics will keep kids totally enthralled.   I will seek out the third book in this series (from the library) when I return from fablehaven-ah, I mean camping.  If Jana is correct then I'm in for a another treat. 
Counts toward my 2010 Support Your Local Library Challenge featured at Home Girl's Book Blog.

Highly Recommended
Middle Grade Fantasy

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