Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blissful Library

Somedays in the library just go smooth as silk and today has been one of those days. 

Kindergarten classes are enjoying Eric Carle-we read 1, 2, 3 Zoo and are constructing their own train. Using rectangles of scrapbooking paper students add the wheels and connector between cars.  Next week they will create their animals and we will make a library train.  I found this creative idea right here.

First Graders are studying Nancy Carlson and we read First Grade, Here I Come and they loved comparing their own first grade experiences with Henry's.  They all used their shelf markers really well which makes me giddy! 

Second Grade listened to The Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown and because I googled activities for
this book I found this great website and had copies of each animal from the book and the object
each trades.  Students loved participating in this fun story-telling and how they could help each other.

Third Grade listened to the first half of Some Frog! by Eve Bunting and we watched a YouTube video about a real frog-jumping contest.  This was so much fun and we will finish the book next week.  They liked the idea of a chapter book you could finish so quickly; like Frog and Toad, which I used last week for a fiction/nonfiction comparison.

Fourth Grade comes tomorrow.  I hope I'm in this same good mood tomorrow!

Fifth Grade played Where Are Our Library? game with the index cards acting as spine labels.  They enjoyed this and for the 10 minutes it took them to play, the library was a buzz with good fifth grade activity!  After they checked out we all quietly sat and read before Mr. Timmons picked them up.  Another good feeling.

All those were really excellent parts of my day but the best part of my day was when I sat at my desk, put my feet up on my recycling bin and finished the last four chapters of When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.  It gave me that warm tingly feeling reading a feel-good book can do and the fact that I finished it before third grade came tromping through the door was so perfect!  The book was excellent and I loved each character a great deal.

Love my job!
Happy Reading...


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

The Eric Carle Museum is awesome:

Your kids are lucky to have you:)

NatalieSap said...

Ooh, I love reading about others' library lessons! And that kindergarten website is amazing - thanks for sharing!

Tif Sweeney said...

These are such awesome ideas!!! I need to mark this post to come back for ideas on rainy days with my own kids!!